Publication 2019 DECEMBER VOL 1 Issue 1

Real- Time Hand Gesture Recognition Using Deep Learning

Malavika Suresh, Avigyan Sinha, Aneesh R P  


Abstract - With the impetuous advancement of informatics, human knowledge is unable to bridge the boundaries and human computer interaction is paving the way for new eras. Here, a real-time human gesture recognition using an automated technology called Computer Vision is demonstrated. This is a type of noncognitive computer user interface, having the endowment to perceive gestures and execute commands based on that. The design is implemented on a Linux system but can be implemented by installing modules for python on a windows system also. OpenCV and KERAS are the platforms used for the identification. Gesture displayed in the screen is recognized by the vision-based algorithms. Using background removal technique, an assortment of skin color masks was trained by Lenet architecture in KERAS for the recognition. The users have tested and produced over 5000 masks with KERAS to generate 96% more accurate results..



Gesture Recognition, Computer Vision, Open CV, Lenet, KERAS.




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Authors :

Malavika Suresh

Regional center IHRD, Thiruvananthapuram


Avigyan Sinha

Regional center IHRD, Thiruvananthapuram


Regional center IHRD, Thiruvananthapuram


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