Publication 2019 DECEMBER VOL 1 Issue 1

Automatic Brain Hemorrhage Detection Using Artificial Neural Network

Mohammed Thanveersha N, Shihabudeen A S, Alifkhan A S, JinoJayni ThasniFathima , Avigyan Sinha, Aneesh R P  


Abstract - The motivation behind this study is to detect the brain hemorrhage and to give better treatment. Brain hemorrhage is a type of stroke in artery of the brain causing bursting and bleeding in the surrounded tissue. Brain hemorrhage is mainly diagnosed through CT scan which enables the accurate prediction of disease. This study uses image segmentation of CT scan images by watershed method and feeds the inputs to an artificial neural network for classification and thus investigates the diagnosis of brain hemorrhage more accurately. The output generated can be used to not act as a learning tool for trainee radiologists to minimize error in current methods but to also verify expert diagnosis. The system is successfully tested with the dataset and the experiments give better results with an accuracy of 94.5%..



Medical Image Processing, Neural network, Artificial Neural Network, Watershed, Intelligent Brain Hemorrhage Diagnosis.




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Authors :

Mohammed Thanveersha N, Shihabudeen A S, Alifkhan A S, JinoJayni ThasniFathima

Department of Electronics and Biomedical Engineering, TKM IT , Kollam ,India


Avigyan Sinha

Indian Institute of Techonology , Kharagpur , India

Regional center IHRD, Thiruvananthapuram


Regional center IHRD, Thiruvananthapuram


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