Publication 2019 DECEMBER VOL 1 Issue 1


Akshitha A S, Aneesh R P  


Abstract - Automatic recognition of road traffic signs is a very interesting and significant problem. It has important practical applications such as the maintenance and rehabilitation of transportation infrastructure, and advanced driver assistance system. For example, the detection, recognition, and automatic identification of traffic signs allow one to collect and analyze information to evaluate the state of transportation infrastructure. Such automatic systems make them ideal for car drivers by informing them about potential dangers especially at high car speed since the driver's field of view decreases from 100° to 30° when the car's speed is increased from 40 km/h to 130 km/h. Thus the speed limit detection is important. In this project we use image processing to identify the speed limit boards and inform the driver about the speed limit. This system continuously acquires the image of signal boards and analyses the image to find the allowed speed limit by comparing the obtained images with a predefined base and produces the output through the speakers alerting the driver..



Driver’s assistance, Speed-limit road sign, Real time sign detection, Hough transform, SSIM.




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Authors :

Akshitha A S

Regional center IHRD, Thiruvananthapuram



Regional center IHRD, Thiruvananthapuram


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