Publication 2019 DECEMBER VOL 1 Issue 1

Real Time Facial Emotion Recognition using Deep Learning

Avigyan Sinha, Aneesh R P  


Abstract - An important role is played by human emotion recognition in the interpersonal relationships. Emotion is what separates us from other living beings. Its classification is essential for human computer interaction. In this paper, deep learning (similar to VGG-Net) is used to recognise human emotions through facial expressions. Here, in order to experiment with and train a deep convolutional network, the Kaggle’s FER2013 dataset has been used. This work has been successfully implemented in real time system. .



Emotion Recognition, Deep Learning, VGG Net, FER2013, Computer Vision, Keras.




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Authors :

Avigyan Sinha

Regional center IHRD, Thiruvananthapuram


Regional center IHRD, Thiruvananthapuram


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